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$ilver Dollar

Jamal J. Franklin was born on October 15, 1985 in Detroit, Michigan. He is a U.S. Army War Veteran that served during The Iraqi/Afghanistan Wars in 2006-2007. Growing up, he was influenced by Mary J. Blige and Tupac Shakur. He started singing at the age of 4. In 1990, he started singing at church in the kids’ choir. In 2000, he started writing songs, rapping, started performing in talent showcases, and won prizes such as money from $10,000 or more.  He then started to go by the stage name of $ILVER DOLLAR. Also, he goes by THE KING OF HIP-HOP SOUL because he has a style of R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap/Soul and no other singer/rapper in the game can do it like $ILVER DOLLAR. He has creativity and originality. Everyone else sounds the same. He has been doing music for over 20 years. In 2006, he opened up for Paul Wall, DSR (Dirty South Ridaz), Chamillionaire, and other major artists in Texas.

In the Army, $ILVER DOLLAR was singing and rapping in front of thousands of people. Also, one Sunday morning, he sang in front of thousands at a church and over 200 soldiers gave their life to God on that day.


After his military experience, he pursued his career even more creating a song called Boom. It made #7 on two top billboard charts in 2011. He even won “KING OF THE MIC” contest by Hostile Magazine back in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.

In 2015, he won first place with two gold medals at The National Veterans Competition in Washington, D.C. He continued to perform in various showcases in front of thousands of people. In 2021, he reconnected with an associate Uneekint, whom he met 10 years prior, and they worked together on a new single called Boom (Remix) which is on all platforms worldwide. $ILVER DOLLAR has his own production company called FLIZI ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS, INC in Dallas, Texas. $ILVER DOLLAR quotes: “F.L.I.Z.I. stands for Flyest, Leading, Imperial, that's Zealous, and Independent. The company is all about God, Family, and Unity. Unity is more powerful than money. Once you have God, Family, and Unity, you will be so powerful that you will become an unstoppable force, no matter what obstacles come your way. Money is just a token of life. It’s not everything. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. Also, on Instagram, the music video Boom (Remix) has over 1.3 million views. I thank God, The Most High, for my team @llc.fatboimusic. They have really had my back and believe in me. They are the support system that I needed at this time in my life. I'm having the best time of my life, right now." $ILVER DOLLAR is in the studio working on his album called Beyond, Love, and Understanding. 



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Crystal’s Night Club (Arlington, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Fort Worth, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Tyler, TX)

Good Talent Showcase (Houston, TX)

U.S. Army Banquet (Fort Knox, KY)

Pine Bluff Convention Center Talent Showcase (Pine Bluff, AR)

Chester Hines & C-Brooks Talent Showcase (Pine Bluff, AR)

Talent Competition (Pine Bluff, AR)

Saracen Landing (Pine Bluff, AR)

Y-Not’s Night Club (Pine Bluff, AR)

SEARK College (Pine Bluff, AR)

UAPB College (Pine Bluff, AR)

Elevations (Little Rock, AR)

Texas Artist Movement (Little Rock, AR)

Texas Artist Movement (Killen, TX)

Texas Artist Movement (Dallas, TX)

The Art Institute of Dallas (Dallas, TX)

Dallas Music Conference (Dallas, TX)

Beamers Night Club (Dallas, TX)

Fat Daddy’s Sports & Spirits Café (Mansfield, TX)

South Side Music Hall (Dallas, TX)

Hostile Magazine Competition (Los Angeles, CA)

Sucker Free Sunday At Regional Park (Pine Bluff, AR)

Taste of The Islands (Dallas, TX)

National Veterans Creative Arts Competition (Washington, DC)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (Dallas, TX)

Dub Tour Auto Show (New York, NY)

Econo Lodge (Arlington, TX)

Smack’Em Radio Event  (Jersey City, NJ)

Desert Storm Radio Event (New York, NY)

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